It’s snowing here today.  I’ve never experienced snow in November.  That I remember, anyway.  The flurries aren’t sticking, but they are definitely being blown horizontal by the wind.  I have revised my plans for taking a walk downtown. 

Snow is certainly good for the knitting mojo.  All I can think of is wooly, toasty socks, hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters …

But especially, very warm hats.

half of a very warm hat.  merely a warm hat.

The progress has kind of sneaked up on me.   I charted out the motif myself (of which I am inordinently proud considering its relative simplicity) after discovering — much to my dismay and consternation — that the original EZ motif (seen here) requires an eight-stitch repeat, not seven-stitch, as memory dictated.  Oh well.  After much over-tired sketching and a disastrous first design, I eventually came up with this after a good night’s sleep.

Look what else I’ve got:


no, they’re not upside down.  book spines just read the other way here.

Every once in a while, I again prove to myself that I really *am* dorky enough to be in graduate school.  C’mon!  dtv-Atlases rule!  As do Schnellkurse … with pictures!

Look at this:


okay, the ubiquitous blurry obviates *actual* looking

It’s a graph/schemata/data thing about Hölderlin!  Crazy!

Don’t even get me started on visual dictionaries.