A comparatively busy day around here at chez do-nothing-and-worry-a-lot.  I finally updated my stash over at Ravelry — which necessitated many pictures and reading of labels.  And that’s only for my German stash.  But now I feel very organized.

I also took some progress pictures of the very warm hat #3.  After having fixed a minor snafu without ripping back, just laddering some stitches and exchanging colors, I was feeling pretty happy with my progress.


yep, my stranded knitting still needs some improvement

So was Alice.  This is how the photo session ended.


no, really, there’s a hat under all that fur

And speaking of the feline princess, I met the cat sitter today.  Wow.  I cannot speak German anymore.  I really need to meet some people and talk to them.  CSI is great — don’t get me wrong — but it’s in English.  Not so helpful.

Sure, I can read German with some proficiency (although that is also a bit shakier than it used to be) but everyday communication — especially on topics having to do with the care and feeding of finicky feline companions, not to mention regular old social niceties — is tough.  I really hate feeling incoherent and inarticulate.  Despite my discomfiture, it seems that all pressing cat-sitting issues were addressed.  And Alice didn’t hide under the bed, even if I almost did …