Today has been one of those days when nothing gets done, despite my best intentions.  The university makes me tense: so many people, nowhere to sit, too much coffee.  All that German, opportunities to make a complete fool of myself lurk around every corner.  And this morning I almost missed the bus because I was buying yarn.

On a cheerier note, I’ve been knitting socks with all of the zeal of the converted.  Turns out the magic loop in combination with a 3.25mm needle (really, I should loosen up) makes me an unstoppable, addicted sock knitter.

One Monkey:

regia silk (054)

And one Jaywalker in progress:

regia africa color (4051)

I was up way too late working on the Jaywalker (Doh.  Remember, time management.).  Now I think I need a nap.