So yesterday I made the big trip into Freiburg (a two-and-a-half hour train ride) and visited the Weihnachtsmarkt. It’s certainly not the biggest in the area, but I wasn’t feeling all that adventurous. I just wanted to see the city a bit, get some potato pancakes, and find some ornaments for my mom. Potato pancakes and pretty ornaments being inexplicably absent at the Konstanz market.

Here’s what I accomplished yesterday:

ornaments and the second Monkey

The train ride provided the perfect opportunity for a little knitting. As my Citrus Yoke Pullover has become too large to be portable, I started up Monkey number two. All was well, until I was one station away from home and saw this:


The dreaded — and for me, ubiquitous — Monkey sneak: the k2tog infiltrating the ssk. Oh well. I’ll have to ladder back and fix it, as I know it will bother me beyond all reason. Knowing, though, that last night after much time in a train and much fried food was not the time to attempt such a delicate operation, I again turned my attention to the Citrus Yoke, which is now in a blissful phase of stockinette in the round.

I am *going* to like this blue.

I’m almost finished with the body. Yay! Except for the slight yoke modification (below), I’ve followed the pattern as written. I did have to cast on a few more underarm stitches to accommodate my, um, muscular arms. And my utter horror of fitted clothing. Mostly the latter, I suspect. So the body will end up being 10 stitches wider than the 41.5″ size, which I was going for. More like 7″ of ease rather than 5″. Perfect! (And I’m not even being sarcastic. My pajama bottoms are affectionately known as “dump truck pants”.)

Today, instead of finishing the sweater or doing some real work, I walked into town and did a bit of shopping. At the Weihnachtsmarkt, of course. My search for potato pancakes was through, but I did need some liquor. My head is still a bit light from all of my testing. I *had* to find just the right thing. Obviously.


The mitts/gloves are for me — it was cold out there today — and although I keep meaning to make a pair of gloves, I finally realized that it probably wasn’t going to happen this winter. So I bought a pair. Lined with fleece and very snuggly. Handmade by someone, at least.

The liquids from left to right: walnut liqueur, Schwarzwälder Mirabellenwasser, truffle oil.

Luckily, they’re all gifts, so I’ll be able to make some progress on the Citrus Yoke this evening …