anyone would be pleased to have you.

So here I am back stateside, trying to organize my knitting plans. This is what I left behind in Germany:

Citrus Yoke

The sweater is once again back on track, after the almost total frogging required to fix up the armholes. I am much happier with the arm size now, I just wished I hadn’t ignored what I knew was going to be a problem in the first place.

My super-nifty gussets:


I really hope these do the trick. As far as I remember, all was well when I left it behind … well, except for that row where I tried out some continental knitting. Have to fix the tension there.

Before leaving, I also picked up some sock yarn.


I don’t remember the details, just that it’s two balls of lana grossa and one ball of trekking xxl. I don’t have anything specific in mind for the yarn (maybe this or possibly this), it was just too pretty — and on sale — to pass up. Luckily, it’s waiting for me in Germany, not tagging along in my suitcase. I reserved that space for Christmas knitting. On that front, things are moving a bit more slowly than I had hoped, but I’m still holding out hope that I’ll have at least a couple pairs of socks finished in time.

Another plane ride tonight might just be the chance I need to finished up Monkey dos.  Much too much job market stress around Ivy-land to facilitate knitting.  Lucky me, I can relax at home!