notes on timing*

Upon my arrival back home (i.e. at my parents’ house) I was met with a huge pile of yarn.  Yarn I had ordered from Germany.  Lovely sock yarn, silk yarn, cotton yarn, Shetland wool, Uruguayian wool, mohair blend wool.

Startitis ensued.  Despite the Christmas knitting waiting to be finished.  Instead of sitting down, saving my money, and working away on some socks, I went to the local Michael’s.  And bought some Paton’s classic wool.  Not to mention some circular needles.  For all of the projects that I had to start.

Needless to say, things haven’t worked out as planned.  I had visions of a lovely EZ sweater à la Jared‘s beautiful seamless hybrid.  I forgot that I didn’t have any tweedy yarn.  Or plan.  Or pattern.  Just Paton’s and a dream.

more winter in the northwest.

Not enough, as it turns out.  So I’ve decided to re-purpose the yarn for some mittens.  After I finish the socks.

baby steps.

So much has been going on lately, that I was hoping yarn might solve my problems or at least take my mind off of them.  But timing.  It always gets you.  The seamless hybrid will have to wait, as will the mittens.  And all of the other projects that I thought might take my mind off of life.

* and other forbidden academic paper titles.