(re)thinking relaxation*

The dark northwest winter precludes the possibility of acceptable pictures.  The relative lack of knitting precludes same.  Just words today.

It’s been a good holiday.  I’m ready to get back to research and writing (!).  And my lovely kitty, of course.  There’s been family, funny business with my sister (of the best kind), lovely visits with old, old friends, heartbreak, sadness, knitting, new knitting books, and music.  Is it silly to admit that Lily Allen might have helped me through a tough time, post-breakup?  Not to mention Favorite Socks?

Warmest, happiest wishes to all for the new year!

* another in my series of banned academic titles

One thought on “(re)thinking relaxation*

  1. Happy New Year!

    It’s absolutely not silly to have a comforting things like music to help us through hard times. Music is a very comforting thing for me always.

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