only one.

My blogging resolution for the new year:

more knitting, less whingeing.

This I feel I can accomplish. I’m writing a knitting blog, after all, not a why-my-life-is-sometimes-annoying blog. Who wants to read that anyway?

To that end, I give you photos: FOs today.

number 1:

my last completed project of 2007

pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina

yarn: Regia 4-fädig Africa Color (4051)

needles: US3/3.25 mm KnitPicks Options circs

started: November 26, 2007

finished: December 31(?), 2007

The single Jaywalker finally got a mate and thus my sister got a pair of Christmas socks only slightly late. She really loves and wears wooly socks, so it’s a pleasure to knit for her. Her first pair (in the Kaffe Fassett Regia stripes) she wore hiking! I’ve always kind of struggled — in my head — with the notion that knitting is so ephemeral. All of this time spent picking yarn and pattern, knitting it up, frogging, modifying, sizing, finished and then … it only lasts for a sometimes very short while. But when confronted with someone actually enjoying and using what I make, it’s so satisfying that I forget all about my supposed aversion to wear and tear.

old socks + wear & tear = new socks = more knitting!

number two:

my first finished project of 2008

pattern: Zeebee by schmeebot

yarn: Malabrigo in azul profundo or buscando azul

needles: US8/5.00 mm Clover bamboo circs

started: December 29, 2007

finished: January 5, 2008

This is my second Zeebee; I was inspired by brooklyn tweed’s tweedy version and the Malabrigo waiting for me seemed perfect for the purpose. The garter grafting took a bit of practice, but in the end, after a messy first hat, it turned out well and almost invisible. I didn’t really knit a gauge swatch, I just eyeballed the increases and decreases to a size that seemed close to correct. As a result, the first (not pictured) version is very large. The second, although intended for someone with a very large head, is on the smaller side.

numbers three and four:


Some baby things for an acquaintance expecting. Also an excuse for using up some left-over sock yarn and a quick, cute sweater.

sweater details:

pattern: eyelet yoke cardigan from Lion Brand, size 6 months

yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in terracotta, approx. 1 1/4 skeins

needles: US8/5.00 mm Clover bamboo circs

started: January 2, 2008

finished: January 6, 2008

The sweater is knit in pieces to the arm holes, joined and finished in one piece. The seaming was quite painless because of the small size, but the underarms ended up very messy. The cotton yarn created a very bulky seam for such a small garment (only about 6 stitches long) and no matter how I fiddled with it (usually only making it worse) the seams pulled the fabric on the front and the back. Not to mention being really ugly. I’m not sure what I should have done for a more polished seam: three-needle bind off? Weaving? Underarm seams on garments in the round always thwart my best finishing intentions. I consoled myself with the facts that a) probably no one will notice, especially on a cute baby and b) being a baby cardigan, it will likely only fit for a short time.

sock details:

pattern: baby socks from LittleBlueClipperDesigns

mods: cast on 44 stitches, knit only 20 rows in ribbing for cuff, no ribbing on foot

yarn: leftover Regia 4-fädig Africa Color (4051)

needles: US2/3.00 mm KnitPicks classic circs

started: January 2, 2008

finished: January 6, 2008

No cats were hurt in the making of these socks.

And finally, I do have a couple of WIPs going for the new year. But perhaps I’ll save those for another day.