faves of 2007

This past year I accomplished quite a bit of knitting, mostly smaller projects, some hits some misses. As usual. For the first time, though, I feel I’ve made a lot of things that I really do wear and use, which wasn’t the case when I was just starting. So here are my top knits from 2007.

(Funny faces due to my extreme discomfort in front of a camera. I wanted to show these things actually being worn, though.)

1. Ganomy hat [ravelry link] by Elizabeth Zimmermann


This was knit in some leftover Lamb’s Pride and my beloved Naturwolle Kunterbunt. I wear it all of the time in the cold weather — the shape is perfect for covering ears, it’s thick and warm, and just water proof enough to get through the occasional light shower. It’s also colorful and has a wonderful, fairy tale pointy top.

2. Clapotis by Kate Gilbert


Another great pattern in colorful yarn (Noro Cashmere Island). It’s soft and warm and makes me feel just a little bit spiffy and european when I throw it over my shoulder. As I was knitting it, I thought that half price or not, the yarn really wasn’t working for me — the colors seemed so bizarre next to each other. But it has definitely grown on me; now I love the way the green shoots through at random intervals and the reds, pinks, and purples stand out and yet kind of mesh together. So great.

3. Drops 103-1


The cheap-o Woolworth yarn is pilling like a mofo; my cat has pulled the stitches to pieces in so many places; it has stretched out in the wash; my seaming could be better. But it’s still my new favorite sweater. I wear it all of the time, which accounts for most of the problems mentioned above (except the seaming). I’m going to make another one soon. Have I mentioned how much I love it? It fits just like I like my sweaters (baggy but not totally shapeless), swings and flatters, and looks slightly more fashion-forward than most of my sweaters (that bar is pretty low, as you can probably imagine). This is my first really successful sweater — fit, pattern, style, color, even yarn (although cheap, it is light and lofty — thanks, acrylic!) all worked out. Not to mention that my knitting technique has improved considerably over the years.


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  1. Dang, I love that Ganomy hat. Clappy is one of my fav knits (mine is knit from Malabrigo). And I’ve stalking that Drops cardigan for some time now.

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