just a little boring sock progress

Having decided to get dressed “in just a minute” — which is usually rather more than a minute — I give you the results of last night’s audiobook (Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie, read by Hugh Fraser) + knitting extravaganza.  It wasn’t very extravagant.

Jaywalkers, just as good the second time around.

But I did turn the heel!  The Regia Silk continues to be nice and soft, if not particularly “sproingy”.  When needs must, one uses a wool blend.  I’m liking the striping, even though the colors were not exactly what I expected based on the pictures at Webs.  Hopefully, my mom will like the combination.

Regia Silk (0190)

For the next pair (color 0190), I’m thinking Marigold could be a good choice, as I want a pattern that will accent, and not clash with, the two-row stripe.   It might take some experimentation to find something just right.
Any suggestions?