oooh pretty.

I finally got around to photographing some lovely, lovely yarn I bought over the holidays at home. Right here, if you’re curious. My hometown isn’t a very upscale place, more the acrylic crocheted blanket kind of place, so I was mighty surprised to find some pretty super sock yarn on offer.

blown out color, but PINK!

This is some very sproingy and smooshy Cherry Tree Hill supersock solid called, in what I can only imagine was a fit of understatement, pink. It’s more like super-duper-grapefruit-gummy pink. So saturated.

Hello. I am pink. Don’t you want to eat me I look so gorgeous?

In a spontaneous act of yarn and pattern attraction, the supersock really, really wants to become a pair of Go with the Flow socks [ravelry link] by Evelyn A. Clark from Favorite Socks. We’re just waiting on Deutsche Post, baby.

Of course I should be a pair of socks. See how good I look on the floor?

It’s Project Spectrum perfection.

I also bought some of the supersock in cherry, a name which almost completely fails to conjure up the fire engine, the tomatoey-cherry goodness, or the Japanese lacquer cabinet contained in Cherry Tree Hill’s alchemical dye pot. That fiery nugget remained at home, burning a hole in my closet floor.


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