well hello there.

Here I am. Hope you’re all well.  My computer died, I went skiing for the first time, had a mini graduate school meltdown. You know, just the usual.


Despite skiing — for a couple of days anyway, until my arthritic hip started acting up — I even managed to finish up a sock. Not just any sock, either, but a Gentleman’s Shooting Stocking from Knitting Vintage Socks.


The Mega Boots Stretch has caused some gauge issues, as has my chubby sock-knitting needles (3.25 mm), but I hope they’ll fit my dad. Despite the differences in yarn and needles, my gauge is only about a stitch off the given. Enough to feed my optimism.

I’ve got an FO or two to show off, but first I need to work out some new computer picture uploading bugs.


One thought on “well hello there.

  1. Oooh, skiing in the Alps. Love the picture of the snow & fairy tale castle. The Shooting Stockings are gorgeous. Knitting Vintage Socks is an awesome book.

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