just another Drops 103-1

I’m a little low on exciting knitting right now, although dreams of a gentleman’s cycling aran do dance through my head. I’ll have to wait until I can afford the admittedly modest amount of Scottish Tweed chunky required. Right now, in sugarplum fairy land, it’s between lewis grey or peat — the gentleman in mind has a distinct lack of gray tweedy sweaters; on the other hand, he’s got lovely brown eyes that would look smashing with a peat cardigan. Oh, these imaginary decisions.

I’ve also got a sweater’s worth of Valley Yarns Sugarloaf in the unexciting black. Originally, it was destined for a Sesame cardigan and although my feelings about the pattern haven’t changed — it’s super, just check out Lolly’s superlative version — I do feel I’d like a bit of a challenge. But a challenge that won’t take forever to knit. Because I also like the instant gratification. What’s a girl to do? Finish up the Gentleman’s Shooting Stocking, that’s what. And the Charades. If only I could remember what size needle I used.

a little boring sock progress

In FO news, I finished my second Drops 103-1. This time in the recommended Drops Eskimo.


I like the color (army) and the hot pink mega buttons I found at the department store. My only complaint is that after a week in the alps — a week of hard wearing, that is — the yarn has started to pill like nobody’s business. I should have known it would happen, single-ply yarn after all, is prone to this kind of thing. After washing — on the yarn-store-approved “wool” cycle — there’s even a bit of felting in some areas (i.e., the underarms, just where a backpack strap might rub — not that I know anything about that). I think this all means that I wear my handknit sweaters too much. Maybe denim yarn next time?


I guess it was worth it, though. A worn out sweater, but lovely scenery.


4 thoughts on “just another Drops 103-1

  1. i love your sweater! the hot pink buttons really make it.

    the “instant gratification” vs. “satisfaction of a challenge” is always a constant dilemma for me. I usually have both going at once — which makes “instant gratification” more like “long drawn out simple project”. oh, well.

  2. Your second Drops cardi! I am in love with that sweater but the wording of the pattern is a bit odd so I haven’t knit it yet. Yours is gorgeous! I wear my handknit sweaters so much and the pilling is easy to get rid of with a sweater shaver.

  3. Lovely second jacket. I love the army green, and the pink buttons are cute!

    I read somewhere that wool yarn sometimes pills to a degree and then will stop after it has been used for a while. Hopefully your jacket is just shedding briefly đŸ™‚

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