The good news: I found a good compromise project that looks like it will shape up to be both a little bit more complicated than straight ahead stockinette, yet easy enough (and bulky-gauged enough) to be pretty fast: the Central Park Hoodie [ravelry]. Given the whopping 1081 projects on Ravelry, I’m obviously not the only one struck by this pattern. In black Sugarloaf [ravelry]. Stashbuster!

I’ll admit that it’s not the most exciting choice in the world — I kind of wanted to be brave and tackle this one purely for the funky factor — but the hoodie seems to be something that 1) I might actually be able to pull off and 2) have the appropriate yarn for.

The bad news: I should read the directions more carefully. And believe that if something looks wrong after 25 rows, it will probably still look wrong on row 42.


Thus could I have avoided this wonky transition from ribbing to cables. Despair.


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