premature cat blogging

It’s not Friday, but Alice wasn’t going to let that stop her.  As soon as I got out the camera to record a little boring cardigan progress, she swung in to action.

What?  You didn’t make this for me?

Central Park Hoodies are obviously improved by cat hair.  So far, the knitting has been the right combination of slightly complex (a cable every once in a while) to keep me awake, but simple enough to be quite fast.  I’ve reached the armholes on the back (pictured above, but covered by cat); maybe tonight at the knitting group I’ll be able to finish up and move on to the fronts.

The yarn — Valley Yarns Sugarloaf — is kind of odd.  It’s a wool/acrylic blend, very springing and soft … but almost slick, not really the “cashmere-like softness” mentioned in the description.  Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate it’s soft and sproingy feel and think it’s a great choice for those sensitive to the scratchiness of wool, myself included.  It’s just that I’m craving some really sheepy wool, the kind complete with roughage and vegetable matter, which is surprisingly hard to find here in continental Europe.  The more processed wools are lovely in their own way (e.g. ggh, lana grossa, lang — the main brands in my LYS), but I would like to get my hands on something a bit closer to the sheep.

But first, I must conquer my table of much reading:


Stupid dissertation proposal, cutting into my knitting time.

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  1. All WIPs are better with pet hair! If you’re looking for sheepy wool, I’d suggest Bartlett Yarns ( or Green Mountain Spinnery ( Both have that authentic wool feel and the Green Mountain worsted softens up a lot with blocking and wearing. I used it for the edging on my Back to School vest. I’m swatching with Bartlett yarn now and it smells so wooly that my dog can’t stop sniffing the yarn cake while I’m knitting.

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