WIP parade

I like to think that I’m a monogamous knitter, one project at a time, very neat and orderly. This morning — in a fit of organizational fury — I dove into my knitting basket. A bit like Pandora’s box.

Needless to say, it turns out that I am a faithless hussy.

In order of appearance:

1. Saucy socks for a friend’s birthday. Next week. Right.


Two pattern repeats in and all is well. I’m using Trekking pro natura (75% new wool, 25% bamboo) in color 1508 — a lovely dark blue, almost indigo instead of navy, if that makes sense. Because the wool and the bamboo take the dye differently the color isn’t totally solid; the bamboo (I’m assuming, anyway) gives the yarn a lovely sheen.

The yarn seems a bit finer than other sock yarns I’ve used (Regia, Opal, etc.) and isn’t as springy in texture. Again, I’m assuming that’s the bamboo. Probably not the best choice for the Saucy pattern, which requires fewer stitches at a looser gauge (7 1/2 stitches = one inch). Instead, I went down a needle size or two (to 2.75 mm circs) and modified the pattern for 80 stitches = four, not three, pattern repeats. I like the finer fabric produced by the smaller needles and finer yarn, but it’s a lot of stitches. These probably won’t make the birthday deadline.

2. Charade socks. A pick-me-up for my sister.


I’ve been working on these for a while … and am, predictably, stalled at the second sock. I’m using Regia Silk color in 0190 on size 3 mm circs. I’m just not that excited about the yarn, which is slowing my progress — the colors are not what I expected and aren’t really doing it for me. I think my sister will like them, though. If I ever finish.

3. Central Park Hoodie [ravelry].

I’m not even kidding. As soon I as got it out, there was Alice. I still haven’t finished up the back. Too busy working on the Saucy socks.

4. Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings [ravelry].  For my dad.


Again, stalled at the second sock — this time, halfway complete. I was distracted by the CPH. Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch Softcolor (quite a handle) in color 507 (blues and greens), size 3.25 mm circs. No mods in the pattern, I just need to finish them.

5. The Beast [ravelry]. For my sister. Without a doubt the oldest — most travelled — WIP in my collection.


This is my personal knitting nemesis. I have been trying to complete this project — in various incarnations, having also cast on and frogged it at least 5 times — since December 2006. It was planned as my third-ever knitting project. That’s right. I will not be defeated by mohair and an imperfect understanding of YOs. The YOs have resolved themselves, but the mohair is still a challenge. It’s ggh soft kid in lilac (13) on size US10.5 needles. I don’t want to talk about it.

6. Lizard Ridge.


This is square nr. 10: Kureyon 207, size US7 circs. I’ve been working on this off and on for a while, but I lost my momentum this summer when I knit up three squares on the wrong size needle. They were frogged and with them my ambition died. Even the lovely Kureyon in my stash hasn’t helped my motivation … it feels a bit like my dissertation: such a gargantuan task, I’m not sure I’ll ever manage 24 of these things (or 3 chapters, however you look at it).

Now the question is: where to begin?


2 thoughts on “WIP parade

  1. You are a shameless project hussy! But aren’t we all? I would go for the CPH first and then get the socks for your sister out of the way. 6 WIPS isn’t all that many. It’s a normal amount.

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