quiet Sunday

Well, it’s better than a gloomy one.

Although I have managed to get the WIP situation under control (i.e., ignoring the projects I’m not interested in working on right now), I still don’t have much progress to show.

dsc02394.jpg dsc02396.jpg

I finally finished up the back of the CPH and started the second Charade. Kim kindly suggested this plan of action, and as she seems like a reasonable person, I took her up on her idea. Thanks, Kim!

The Charade is a quick knit, which I had forgotten as it languished in the knitting basket. The pattern round — alternated with a stockinette round — is really simple to memorize and a breeze to knit. And with only 44 stitches to cast on for the CPH fronts, I’m feeling highly optimistic that a cardigan might result someday soon.

In my feeble efforts to clear my needles, the Saucy socks were frogged.


I decided to concentrate on birthday brownies instead.

Not only was there no hope of an on-time completion, which usually doesn’t stop me, but the yarn just wasn’t right for the pattern. I’ll try again with something smooshier.

This morning I also realized that I could re-photograph some of my older knits, recorded before I understood the power of daylight.


easy v-neck raglan; mistake rib scarf; bejeweled [ravelry links]

Much better.


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  1. I seem like a reaosnable person, but I’m actual;y nutty as hell. hahaha! But really, how could you go wrong finishing those socks.

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