holy mental health, batman!

Yeah, so this was a tough week. Grad school totally kicked my ass. And then some. I quit. I came back. I’m trying to make it work. My advisors probably think I’m more than a bit unstable.

Dissertations suck.

But let’s talk about knitting.

I don’t have much to show after finishing off the Charades. Just a little boring progress.

A Gentleman’s Shooting Stocking waiting for the heel. So far so good, but since the heel requires one to knit the fluted pattern back and forth, instead of in the round and thus reverse knits and purls, I thought it was best to wait until I could give it my full attention.

Why, yes, that is the left front on the Central Park Hoodie. I just keep telling myself: remember the button bands — it really won’t end up that small.

In other news, Project Spectrum is on to a new set of colors: earth. I was a total Project Spectrum: fire loser. Such big plans, such little actual knitting.

All of my unused firey yarn. The only Project Spectrum worthy FO were the Jaywalkers from way back when. And they just had a red stripe.  Oh well.

I’m already claiming the Charades as my first, if unintentional, earth FO — lots of brown and green — and the Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings will make an appearance before earth months are over.

In the mean time, we’ll see what I can do with these lovelies:

A much more modest goal.


One thought on “holy mental health, batman!

  1. I love the idea of Project spectrum, but I know I’d never be able to keep up. I’d be a fire loser too. Is that yarn in the lower right corner (the green) Dream in Color Smooshy in Good Luck Jade? I can’t resist playing “name that yarn.” Hang in there with school. It sucks, I know.

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