four hours later …

So yesterday I faced up to the fact that my favorite cardigan (Drops 103-1 v.2) was looking really ratty.  All pilled and fuzzed and matted up — the stereotypical crazy cat lady hand knit sweater.  Not the look I was going for, surprisingly enough.  Armed with a new super sweater shaver, I got to work.

And turned this:

Just trust me on the fuzz.

Into this:


So much better.  Four hours and 17 grams of fluff later (oh yeah, I weighed the fluff!), my cardigan is looking spiffy and new.  The wool has a very lovely sheen that I had completely fogotten about, but it comes through once the pilling is removed.  In future, I’m going to try and keep the upper hand in the fuzz situation.


3 thoughts on “four hours later …

  1. 4 hours! Wowza! Well worth it. I’m too impatient with my sweater shaver. I should devote an eveing to shaving my fav sweater.

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