just a little something.

Not much going on here, knitting-wise that is. I’m spending my time trying to get fired up about my dissertation and worrying about various meetings with advisors. Oh, the inadequacy.

Here’s what I finished last night when I should have been asleep:

square nr. 10

Another step in my leisurely stroll toward half way done with the Lizard Ridge. This square is Kureyon 207, one of the newer Kureyon combinations, I believe. I love the colors and spent most of my time knitting the square turning over ideas about a cardigan or similar in this colorway. Kind of a wait-and-see game at this point, though, considering all of the crazy knitting plans [ravelry link] I have cooked up (or half baked).

Speaking of crazy knitting plans, I bought some more sock yarn. Like I’ll have time to knit it up in anything like the near future. I’m beginning to look at my German stash in terms of probable postage. Which keeps me knitting. But does not stop me from buying small bits of yarn here and there.

Lana Grossa bosco, color 3510

In a fit of Project Spectrum inspiration and dissertation terror, I decided I’d knit this lovely yarn up into a pair of socks for the Mr. B. Whether he wants them or not. Right. Only after the transaction was complete did I realize the folly of this plan. Dissertation terror gives no indication of abating, indeed until my prospectus is completed, defended, and passed, I do not plan on being a very happy or relaxed munchkin with endless time to knit.

Still, buying yarn is very calming.


One thought on “just a little something.

  1. Looking at your Lizard Ridge Square made me think that drapes made out of Lizard Ridge sqaures would be great. Not that I have a need for drapes. I love lizard ridge. Nice mossy new yarn too. When I was in grad school, I’d set aside X number of hours (3-4 hrs per day was my magic number) for study/writing per day. Proscrastination is inevitable so don’t beat yourself up too much.

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