The closer the deadline for my prospectus draft looms, the more knitting I seem to do. Not an ideal state of affairs, to be sure. At least in seeking wooly comfort I’m accomplishing *something* — although not necessarily something that my advisers would accept as dissertation research. Sigh.

Earlier in the week, I got around to knitting up the CPH fronts:

Both were super-quick knits, as predicted, and once I read the directions carefully and placed the neck shaping on the shoulders neck, all was well. I’m loving cabling without a cable needle, a concept which I earlier found to be intimidating out of all proportion to its actual difficulty. I used Grumperina’s tutorial and am so glad I gave it a try. Her pictures and explanations are clear and precise; after a few tries I had it down. A labor-saving device, indeed.

The thought of starting the sleaves left me uninspired, so I got down to work on the second Gentleman’s Shooting Stocking.

more Shooting Stocking

I turned the heel without too much trouble, despite the bit of wine I imbibed, which I suspect didn’t help navigate the intricacies of knitting back-and-forth in pattern. Smooth sailing from here on, though.

In spite of all of my queued up patterns [ravelry], I’m remaining faithful to my unfinished WIPs. That might change soon, though, as I have one friend getting married in the summer — for whom I’m planning my very first lace shawl [ravelry] — and another expecting her first baby in the fall, a baby who will, of course, need some kind of knitwear. Not to mention the acquaintance who just had her first baby … This is how things snowball out of control. This way madness.

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