So I got up 2 hours later than planned.  Then I thought, “oh, coffee!” and “look: it’s teh intarweb!” and here we are, still sipping coffee and sitting on the couch.  The cat’s mad at me because I’m sitting in her place, but I should be at the library anyway, so it doesn’t really count.  But the library kind of smells like feet and armpits, which doesn’t matter because the principle is the same: I should be at my desk with the computer in work position.  Yet instead of showering and acting like a responsible adult, I thought I’d read some blogs and take pictures of my knitting.  Maybe check out ravelry, too, because you never know what kind of late-breaking knitting news might have happened in the night.  Or what awesome patterns need to be knit. right. now.


I just wish we didn’t go through this every morning.

Here’s some madder ribbed progress:

keep moving: nothing to see here, just a little boring sock progress

After working on the Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings — in fluted pattern over 70+ stitches — these are working up so quickly.  I just look at them and it seems they grow a little bit.  But easy ribbing over 60 stitches will produce those kind of results.  Especially on 3.00 mm needles.  I thought about starting over on needles a bit closer to the recommended 2.25 mm size, but these are fitting pretty well, so why bother?  For my next sock project I think I’ll try the tiny needles, even if I have to cast on more stitches to get a sock that fits.  Blast you, too-tight knitting!

Before they’re bundled up for the mail, here’s the GSS in all of their blocked glory:

I hope they fit.  The gauge is pretty loose and I think they might stretch like a mofo.  But at least they’re pretty!


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  1. Fabulous socks! I should probably be at the library, too, but am instead drinking coffee, knitting, and checking out blogs.

  2. Love the Shooting socks! I go through an eerily similar proscrastination routine with the internets and ravelry and bloglines everyday at work. I get here at 9ish and by 1 pm, I’m still firmly entrenched in knit-blog-rav-land.

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