at least my bathtub is clean

Procrastination has reached new heights here at chez dissertation terror. I cleaned the bathtub this morning. I would classify this as dissertation terror alert: yellow.

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Seems quite low, you say? Well, things can escalate quickly. One minute you’re cleaning the bathtub, the next you’re quitting grad school. Trust me.

But on to a cheerier topic: socks!


One madder ribbed sock finished. I knit the specified Dutch or Horseshoe Heel* and Pointed Toe because it seemed a shame not to try out all of the nifty heel/toe combinations available in Vintage Socks.

Dutch or Horseshoe Heel

I was expecting to be a bit bored with the simpled ribbed socks, but actually, I enjoyed every stitch. Quick, easy-to-memorize pattern with the heel and toe construction adding a bit of low-impact interest, fun stripy yarn — what else does a sock knitter need? The perfect relaxation knit.

I see many more simpled ribbed socks in my future. Well, Lichen, Yarrow, and Oak Ribbed [all ravelry] anyway. A perfect way to work through some of my abundant self-striping sock yarn.

Pointed Toe

The only mods on the socks: I rearranged the stitches to center the ribbing and continued it down the heel. Instead of the sl1, k1, psso decreases recommended for the left gusset and toe shaping, I used ssk on the gusset and k2tog on the toe. The right-leaning decreases on the toe look a bit funny, as the spiral is veering left but I thought of that too late. And my left-leaning decreases — whatever method — always look a bit messy; despite that, it’s probably the way to go on this pattern.

Right now, I’m debating whether or not to rip back the toe and add a bit of length to the foot (not to mention left-leaning decreases on the toe). I seem to always err on the side of too short with socks, putting caution before fit. This time I’m afraid they might not be large enough for my sister as the Pointed Toe fits a bit differently on the foot. We shall see. That decision has been deferred until later this evening.

*Whoa. KnitWiki is awesome! I see new vistas of procrastination opening before me. Is it wrong that I covet Knit Visualizer software even though I don’t design stuff? I mean, I *could* design stuff if I had such cool software.

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  1. I’d leave the toe as is. The sock looks awesome. I’d say you are veering into Orange alert territory. Cleaning the bathtub is reaching new heights of procrastination. If you start reorganizing kitchen cabinets and p utting down shelf paper, you can declare red alert.

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