ho hum.

So, my bathroom is still clean.  That’s the good news.  As for knitting, well, not so much to say.  I’ve been working on the madder ribbed mate: so far, so good.

ribbed heel

This shows the heel detail a bit more clearly: no purled seam stitch, worked over 30 stitches, instead of 31, with ribbing.  Perhaps not an über-traditional rendering of the Dutch or Horseshoe Heel, but I think it looks much neater.  The purled seam stitch interrupted the ribbing pattern (which was not carried down the heel in the original) and just seemed rather messy.  I’m happy with the mod.

That’s what I did last night.  Here’s what I’m doing today:

Yep.  Dissertation terror strikes again.  Maybe procrastination will inspire me to visit the gym.   


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