I recently put on my Sockapalooza 4 socks for some evening reading (okay, it might have been SherlockHolmes-watching, but you get the idea … or perhaps a sense of my own feeble attempts at academic self-discipline) and they are so lovely.

Thanks so much Fiberhounds Rachael!

If I ever get around to making a pair of socks for myself (my Sister the Dippy is, (un)fortunately, a pig of socks) I’m going to totally copy the construction of these babies.  The toe is so perfect and I love the afterthought heel (which I was sceptical about before).  The Regia silk is great too … I just wish it came in more (and more appealing) stripey colorways (this one is the bestest, in my opinion).

And now I must become productive.  So much to work on.  A very good and inspiring adviser meeting yesterday (Why are they *so* smart?  Why am I *so* not smart?) left me feeling like it’s time to leave behind the terror and get down to business.  I finally realized (warning: Hallmark moment ahead) that I can’t be afraid of grad school or research or archives or asking for help and advice … because that’s how I got into my current mess.  We’ll not talk about the horrors of IvyU re-enrollment.  Communism‘s nothing.  This spectre has been haunting me like nobody’s business.  I need a manifesto, too.


2 thoughts on “thanks!

  1. Glad you still love the socks! If you’re going to copy them, I could probably dig up my notes to help you out. Let me know!

    Holy cow, there are some seventies style stripes out there in Regia silk!

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