um. so this is kind of weird.

I haven’t had straight hair since I was about nine. There was a window from about ages five to ten when my hair straightened out … then it got really curly again (by way of an extremely awkward poufy-fuzzy phase). I like the curly. I’ve learned to love it. So I never worry about making my hair straight now. Besides it takes too much time and talent with a round brush.

But I got my hair cut today (because I needed a trim desperately and the hot water is mysteriously not working, which I discovered when I got into a cold shower):

I’m in awe. It’s so straight. I keep looking at myself in the mirror and trying to deside if I look older, more professional, or just different. Would I do this to myself? Maybe. But probably not. It just takes too much time.

On to the knitting. I spent the first part of the week checking out the deutsches Literaturarchiv — which is just as boring or as enthralling as it sounds, depending on your point of view. I was enthralled and really happy I went, even if their collection isn’t really geared toward my time period. It was a wonderful couple of days being around people who spend as much time thinking about books as I do (or should do).

my room (craptastic photo courtesy of photo booth)

After the library closed, though, I did manage to focus on some knitting. Keeping the luggage light and the goals realistic, I only brought one project: the fireworks socks.

Of which I finished one:

When I got home, I just had to close the toe and viola! a finished sock, brought to you by train travel and library-free evenings.

This is the first lichen ribbed sock and I have to say that it grew on me. Although the regular 3×1 ribbing is a bit tedious, it is also dead simple and relaxing. The crazy yarn kept it interesting, as did the heel and toe construction.

This is my second attempt at the Welsh Heel, using the correct number of stitches. My modification was pointless and counter-productive, so I frogged and reknit the heel. I’m not in love with the yarn over short row method that is used to shape the heel, as the first yo left a hole (I fully admit that I might have done something wrong here), but whatever; I’m not fixing it again.

The underside is where the real action was happening anyway:

Snazzy little decreases, which I made mirror each other (subbing ssk for the second of the k2togs in the pattern). I’m much happier with the mirrored decreases; I love symmetry.

The toe was also an adventure:

All in all, not too bad: although the p3togs are a bit bulky up at the top, I think the design looks pretty. And the position of the final decrease rounds kind of tickles my longer toes, so it’s good these too are destined for my sister.

Alright. To work. Between the travelling yesterday, the no hot water this morning, and the lack of enough milk for my coffee, the day has not been off to a good start. I don’t dare touch the Swallowtail shawl (progressing nicely, if boringly for blog purposes) until I can settle down to concentrate and count.


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  1. The straight hair looks good. But if it takes a lot of work to straighten, I wouldn’t do it. I am a low maintenance hair person. Myabe you could get a blow-out at a salon every once in a while just for shits & giggles. Trains and socks are the perfect combo. Cute stripey sock!

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