looking up

Yesterday was a suck-ass day.  Just saying.

why can’t I be a cat too?

Today is shaping up a bit better.  Lots of family stress plus the usual dissertation stress added up to a bad week culminating in yesterday’s suck-ass-itude.  But I woke up today only slightly hungover and feeling somehow better.

Not much knitting going down here, as extreme stress and anxiety is not conducive to progress in any area of my life.

I do have this, though:

Just your basic toe-up sock in Silk Garden.  Nice and chunky, 5 1/2 sts per inch on US4 needles.  It started out as a chunky version of the oak ribbed sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, but I soon realized that top-down was not the way to go, considering I wanted as much mileage out of the yarn as possible.  So.  Frogged and away we go.

Judy’s magic cast-on, worked up to 44 stitches total.  Easy-peasy.  I’m currently mulling my heel options.

Unfortunately, the US4 needles were freed up by the frogging of the Swallowtail shawl.  It was going well, but was also going to be much too small, thanks to my super-tight knitting.  And since I only knit in the evenings, I was always much too tired to count correctly, which was leading to some tedious tinking back.

The shawl will have to wait until I’ve freed up a bit more mental space.


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  1. Sorry your day sucked ass. I have many days when I wish I could be my dog. But a dog with fingers so I could knit.

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