My whole “knit for the bereaved” project isn’t going so well.  My expectations are too high — socks + two shawls — and I want every aspect of them to be perfect: color, yarn, fit, pattern, etc.


I’m thinking it might be too much.  Considering the project that needs my perfectionist crazy energy is something with words, not wool.

Here’s the first silk garden sock.  One skein (with inches remaining); Judy’s magic cast-on; and Wendy Knits’ gusset heel, modified for 44 stitches.

This was much more of a process knit, I’ve come to realize.  I’m glad I tried out the toe-up gusset heel, but I don’t know if I’ll keep the sock or frog it and try something else with the yarn.  The colors are lovely.

I don’t not knit for others because I’m a selfish cow (that’s only part of it), but because the pressure is just too much sometimes.  If I mess up something for myself: who cares?  But for someone else?  I’ve got enough pressure already, and knitting is supposed to be relaxing and fun.

Good intentions or not, I think I’ll just make a donation and leave the knitting for something that doesn’t freak me out and make me crazy.


One thought on “ambivalence

  1. Any minor imperfections are only visible to you. The recipient will be thrilled with that Noro sock. Ain’t nothing like Noro. I don’t enjoy knitting for others because I AM a selfish cow.

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