baby steps for baby knitting

A weekend away visiting friends was just the ticket for clearing the fog of my lingering anxiety hangover. I saw the largest plain waterfalls in Europe, but didn’t get a lot of knitting done.

Luckily, I’m concentrating on small stuff right now:

One baby sock, finished in an evening. Instant tiny gratification.

The February Baby Sweater is, unfortunately, in that boring stockinette phase.

My KnitPicks Options needles got mixed up (why no sizes written on the needles?!) so this sweater ended up on US7 circs, instead of US8. Consequently, the gauge is a bit tighter than anticipated. Oh well. Babies start small, I hear.


One thought on “baby steps for baby knitting

  1. I’ve been making those very same baby socks! Weird. I think something must have come over in September and made some people extra fertile.

    I’ve tagged you for a thing! x

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