boring baby progress

Not much to see here. I’ve been working diligently on the baby knitting, which is quite satisfying because small. Last night’s overdose of Vincent Price classics (via iTunes rentals — so dangerous), provided much knitting time. And an excellent excuse to break out the sherry.

The February baby sweater [ravelry] is just missing buttons and a good blocking:

Unfortunately, May is the month of Catholic holidays here in Baden-Württemberg, and today Corpus Christi is seriously interfering with my ability to procure the correct shade of embroidery floss to secure these super-cute buttons:

more department store buttons

I’ll provide the project details when everything is finished up. Not that they’re very interesting — I just followed the pattern and voilà: a baby sweater.

Until then, I’ve got the baby socks [ravelry] to keep me busy:

Once I moved down to the 2.5mm circs, all has been smooth sailing. Even though I knit very tightly, socks still need that bit of extra firmness small needles provide.

Well, baby socks and daydreaming about a certain project for which I just bought some yarn. Some lovely, tweedy yarn. Mmmmm.

Rikes Wollmaus never disappoints (I’m glad I paid attention to the Skinny Rabbit‘s recommendations).

Any guesses what this wants to be when it grows up?