I’ve decided it’s time to have a blog contest.  No blogiversary or anything to celebrate (although this endeavor is 1 year – 10 months – 3 three days old).  No particular comment threshold reached.  But whatever.  I’ve got some pretty German yarn to give away!

contest!, originally uploaded by katie:m
This is some lovely hand-dyed sock yarn from Tausendschön:  75% superwash wool, 25% nylon (420m/100g), color Blumenwiese (= flower meadow).
I’m not up for organizing a complicated contest so the yarn goes to whomever leaves comment #112.  As in the German emergency-services number.  A nice round number, more pleasing to my own strange mystical numerology than “100” or “115”.  So if you’d like some German sock yarn, leave a comment.
Not much blog-worthy knitting going on at the moment.  I’ve picked up the Beast [ravelry] again, and surprisingly, things are going well.   I’m hesitant to say more about it, as I feel fate might have a nasty surprise in store for me if I get too confident.
I’ve also finally discovered how flickr and blogging work together.  A slow learner, I guess.

3 thoughts on “shameless

  1. What pretty yarn! And a good number to use for a comment contest. Not overly used. Guess I’ll have to do some commenting to see if I can’t win it 😉 Ha. Good way to bring lurkers like me out!

    Congrats on figuring out how to get flickr and blogging to work together!

  2. Oooh, love that German sock yarn! I hope I am #112.
    The flickr blogging is good but only if you want to have a 1 photo post. If there’s a way to blog from flickr and post more than 1 photo, then I haven’t learned how yet.
    Good luck taming the Beast!

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