the beast

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Here’s the Beast.   So far, so amazingly good.

I can’t believe I first started this sweater in the summer of 2006.  (I think.  It seems so long ago, filled with so many repressed memories of mohair and YOs, that I don’t rightly recall the date of my first attempt.)  I do, however, feel a certain sense of pride that I’ve not only stuck with it, but am actually able to knit it — two years later — without too much trouble.  Once I got the pattern down, made all of the fussy increase/decrease notes, etc., it is quite a quick knit.  Using US11 US10.5 circs to get gauge helps.

the beast

See how furry this stuff is?  Even though it’s hot and muggy here (so gross), I’m remaining faithful to the mohair.  This is an epic battle; I will not be defeated by sheep products.


5 thoughts on “the beast

  1. Best of luck in this epic battle! A lapful of mohair in hot weather must be one of the circles of hell — but at least it’s a very pretty and fluffy circle!

  2. I love the color you’re using… mohair is kind of a pain to knit with, but I predict you’ll love the finished product. I made that sweater when it first came out and I still get a ton of wear out of it.

  3. The lace is very pretty and yay for you picking it back up again. I have things lying around now, at least one almost 4 years that I’m in denial about where the knitting is going.

    The German sock yarn in the previous post is lovely. -And I don’t always combine flickr with the blogging but I really adore flickr!

  4. Dude. I totally have a dark purple mohair version of that sweater that I started in the summer of 05. I think I am one sleeve up on you, but I definitely feel your pain!!!

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