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So ravelry totally made my day this morning
I received not one — but two!! — happy birthday messages: one from a total stranger who the day before had herself received herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag from a likewise unknown raveler and another from Emmms, grad student and KAL organizer extraordinaire. I ❤ ravelry.
On to the knitting. I’ve finished up some little projects along the way, while continually f*cking up the CPH sleeves. Cast on number three anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
First on the list, a tea cosy mash-up.
This cosy started life as the Autumn Tea Cozy with a desire for steeks, but then developed definite Nancy Bush pointed-toe tendencies, only to be finally finished off as an improvised Cashmere Tea Cozy. With a little i-cord loop.

tea cosy

All in all, a successful set of modifications. The Noro did its job with the stipey goodnes, the picot edge is whimsical without being saccharine, and it fits the recipient’s tea pot like a glove. Did I mention I cut my first steeks?

I definitely recommend the tea cosy as the ultimate in low-pressure first-time steeks. If it all went horribly awry, I was only out a couple evenings of knitting and one skein of Noro. I followed Eunny’s directions for crocheted steeks: here. Then when they were in place, I just snipped away.

tea cosy

I added some single crochet around the openings to finish them off. Voilà! Tea cosy. I used one skein of Noro Kureyon [138] and unknown needles (US8? US9?).

I also finished up another ballband dishcloth, in two more colors of department store bio-Baumwolle.

dishcloth 3

Nice and easy and so handy. This one is for me.

I’m still hankering after a new sock pattern, as I miss having a pair of socks on the needles. I started the yarrow ribbed sock in some Tausendschön hand-painted; although the yarn is lovely and the pattern relaxing, it just wasn’t coming together. So I frogged away and am now bereft of socks. Good thing the voting for the first pattern of the Interweave Sockalong is almost over.


5 thoughts on “random bits

  1. It’s your birthday!? Happy Birthday. That’s a great tea cozy in wonderful colors. I haven’t steeked yet. Someday. If you’re looking for a sock I woudl recommend the Srpign Forward pattern from the new Knitty. It’s fun & easy and seems to really move along. I’m loving it.

  2. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Well, belatedly. And Ravelry is pretty amazing about that, isn’t it? Love it.

    Cute cozy. I’m a little amazed that there are steeks in such a small thing, but I guess it makes sense, as the teapot needs an opening… It probably is a really good thing to practice on. Hm.

    Have fun with the sockalong!

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