Today I must speak of the AWESOMEness that is Kim. We discovered a mutual love of Triscuits and then, before I knew it, Triscuits were on their way to this sadly Triscuit-deprived, rabidly soccer-loving land.*
Alice approved.
Look at all of the goodies! Not only some delicious Triscuits, which were soon put to their intended use, but some Panda Cotton (fruit salad!) — currently marinating in the stash awaiting the perfect fruity summertime pattern, some tropical coral in a super-cute little bag, and some great stitch markers. Thanks so much, Kim!
I still don’t have a sock on the needles, mostly because I am fighting the CPH sleeves. In my attempt to avoid too narrow sleeves (which I absolutely hate; a sweater with them is dead to me) I have been doing all kinds of fancy pattern revisions, none of which have worked out. (Surprise, surprise.) Sigh.
I’m also thinking of turning some lovely lemony-yellow yarn into a Swallowtail shawl.

Tausendschön Zitronengelb

That should keep me busy.
* Okay. Soccer doesn’t have much to do with Triscuits (or vice-versa) but I thought I should mention the European Cup as Germany is playing in the semi-finals tonight against Turkey. Eeep. For a little background on German-Turkish relations: here.
p.s. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!