Today I must speak of the AWESOMEness that is Kim. We discovered a mutual love of Triscuits and then, before I knew it, Triscuits were on their way to this sadly Triscuit-deprived, rabidly soccer-loving land.*
Alice approved.
Look at all of the goodies! Not only some delicious Triscuits, which were soon put to their intended use, but some Panda Cotton (fruit salad!) — currently marinating in the stash awaiting the perfect fruity summertime pattern, some tropical coral in a super-cute little bag, and some great stitch markers. Thanks so much, Kim!
I still don’t have a sock on the needles, mostly because I am fighting the CPH sleeves. In my attempt to avoid too narrow sleeves (which I absolutely hate; a sweater with them is dead to me) I have been doing all kinds of fancy pattern revisions, none of which have worked out. (Surprise, surprise.) Sigh.
I’m also thinking of turning some lovely lemony-yellow yarn into a Swallowtail shawl.

Tausendschön Zitronengelb

That should keep me busy.
* Okay. Soccer doesn’t have much to do with Triscuits (or vice-versa) but I thought I should mention the European Cup as Germany is playing in the semi-finals tonight against Turkey. Eeep. For a little background on German-Turkish relations: here.
p.s. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

2 thoughts on “AWESOME

  1. Bright yellow! I love it. It’ll make a great shawl. What a nice package! I’m glad I’m not in love with Triscuits, if Germany doesn’t have them. Wow, food over there is going to be a strange experience, since I’m vegetarian…

    Good luck with the sleeves! Give yourself a break once the Sockalong voting is done though, will you? It might give your brain enough relaxation to figure out a good solution.

  2. Aaawww, you are so welcome! It looks like Alice is smelling the caribbean sea on the coral. Glad you are enjoying it all. Me likey the yellow for a shawl.

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