After two years of blood, sweat, and tears I give you:
beastie, originally uploaded by katie:m.
Yup. A finished Wrap Sweater with Eyelets from Rebecca #29. I’m really proud of this FO, if only because it took so much time, frustration, and learning to get to the end. After all that, though, it is pretty lovely, if I do say so myself. I hope my sister will love it — because I’m loving having it done.
Here are the details:
pattern: Wrap Sweater with Eyelets (Rebecca #29)
yarn: ggh soft kid (13: lilac), 5 balls (probably less: this yarn doesn’t really lend itself to frogging; I started over a lot)
needles: US10.5/6.5mm
started: June (??) 2006
finished: June 6, 2008
I’m now working on other projects; namely: the Lichen Ribbed socks, abandoned — but not forgotten — in the push to finish the Beast. I turned the (welsh) heel last night and all seems to be well. Such an easy knit after the horror of mohair.

so close

… yet so far away.
The last 75 cm are going to kill me: that is one long left tie.
In other news, I’m feeling a strange resurgence of my academic mojo.  Could be thanks to this article in the LRB (warning: Elfriede Jelinek is not for everyone — nor can the Austrian cellar story be painted as anything short of fundamentally disturbing and heinous — and the article is a bit graphic/profane).*  Or maybe just the result of some relatively stress-free yet productive days.
p.s. Seaming with mohair: not as bad as you might think.  Go figure.
* I try to keep the blog light ‘n’ lovely, but I freaking love Jelinek and her dark, dank writing.  Just saying.