This yarn does not yet know what it wants to be when it grows up.

I’ve tried socks: yarrow ribbed and Cookie A. I’ve tried cowls. And still, nothing has been quite right. The variegations have been tricky and I expected serious pooling from what I’d seen on ravelry: here. (Warning: eXXtreme pooling has been known to cause palpitations, nausea, and obscenitites.) I don’t mind pooling at all, but I wanted something that seemed either a bit more random or a bit more calculated than the weird spiral striping I was getting.


Besides, the name Traumtänzer (= dream dancer; daydreamer) makes me want to knit a lovely, airy pattern that has the colors coming together in just the right way.

So I thought I might try another shawl. I have a couple in mind: Adamas or perhaps the Forest Canopy Shawl. I’d have to make a smaller version of the Adamas, since I only have one skein of yarn, whereas I could probably manage a full-sized Forest Canopy.


So many decisions made difficult by pretty yarn.