i’m so bored.

The Central Park Hoodie is killing me.
It is insanely popular on ravelry <<cough1425projectscough>> but I am just not feeling it right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve reknit the sleeves four times. Maybe it’s because it’s summer. Maybe it’s because I’m just a fickle slut of a knitter. (Are male knitters also fickle? I mean, fickleness is so nineteenth-century feminine, isn’t it?)
Whatever the cause, I’m about ready to gouge my eyes out with a handy pointy object. Which would have the benefit of 1) preventing further work on the CPH as well as expressing my extreme boredom with said project and 2) preventing further work on the proposal as well as expressing my extreme boredom with said project. Win!

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At least part of the problem is the yarn. I’m knitting this in Valley Yarns Sugarloaf and I am not in love. It’s a perfectly fine yarn: very soft, good stitch definition, nice aran weight, comes in tons of pretty colors. But for all of that, it’s not for me. The high acrylic microfiber content (48%) makes it feel slick and artificial instead of genuinely soft; at 81 yards (74 meters) per 50 grams it’s a heavy yarn. These are things I just learned to think about.
The body of the sweater hangs and will not doubt stretch like a mofo, despite the seams. I don’t even want to think about what the hood will do to the neckline.

i'm so bored

That said, I still have a sleeve cap to finish, another whole sleeve to knit, and then the hood, button bands, and finishing to face. And the sad part is, I think I’ll like the sweater when it’s finished. Only “think” though.
On the positive side, I’ve learned that I love the wooly, even if it is a bit scratchy. I never wear sweaters next to the skin anyway. (I broke out in hives just typing that.) So in the future, unless at special request by someone I love, no more super-processed fibers for me. Because, really, knitting this hoodie in a lovely wooly tweed would have made all of the difference.

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  1. Bravo on the realization that you love the wooly. =) I’ve learned myself that, not only can I just not stand acrylic and don’t use it for environmental reasons, I just love wool. And my knitting career was begun on that realization. It’s funny how the yarn sometimes makes all the difference (though if you think about knitting as a tactile experience… guess not). I feel really badly for you as well as impressed with you for continuing on with a project you’re not feeling the love for. I don’t think I have the courage for that (the one thing I don’t love that I tried to knit is hanging out half-done in the far corner of the closet, weighing on my conscience… sigh.)

  2. Everyone I know who has knit CPH went through some sort of boredom/angst/anger/frustration. If I remember correctly it has to do with the sleeves. The cables look great. Hang in there.

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