I finally put aside the angst and decided on another Gloria cowl for the Tausenschön Traumtänzer. Paired with some bog-standard Regia 4-ply sock yarn in black, it makes an interesting variegated fabric.

The colors remind me a bit of the old Pac-Man video game, so there you have it: Pac-Man cowl. I substituted a garter stitch border and realized too late that I really wanted a cowl version 2.0. After some ill-fated increasing, which I realized too late would 1) look stupid and 2) mess up the random variegation. So back I ripped.


Don’t judge. It’s been a stressful week.

For slightly less mindless knitting than stockinette in the round — which, you will note, somehow managed to go stupidly awry — I finally started on my socks for the InterweaveSockAlong: the Seduction Socks by Ann Budd in some heavenly Colinette Jitterbug in the moss colorway.


So far, so not messed up.

Currently, I’m deluding myself that the scant Jitterbug yardage is a perfect match for the Seduction socks, which feature a slightly shorter leg than a typical sock. I will no doubt be wrong.


3 thoughts on “pacman

  1. You’ll have enough Jitterbug! I really wish they woudl just increas the yardage a little bit. They sell half skeins instead which I think is sucky.
    The colors are like Pac Man. I didn’t know there was a version 2.0 for the Gloria cowl. Time to knit another cowl!

  2. ooo, love that Regia colorway. Totally retro! It’s going to make a great cowl. I have to get on that cowl knitting before the fall. I’m just loving all the ones I’m seeing.

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