I should really be at the library

But instead, I thought I would show you how lovely the Sheepaints yarn is knitting up.  I really like the semi-solid look of the turquoise and think it will make a smashing Shetland Triangle.  Which I can wear to my proposal defense, obviously.  So it’s really work-related knitting.
The Central Park Hoodie is totally blah. The fit is kind of weird; the yarn is on the funky side.  And I think I made it way too big or my gauge was off or my yarn grew or something.  The sleeves are only semi-optimal.  One more button band to knit and then we’ll see.  Maybe buttons will help?
Now I’m really going to go to the library.

One thought on “I should really be at the library

  1. Hmm, work-related knitting. I think that’s what I call my knitting when I’m using it to keep myself from dying of pressure. That, or sanity-saving.

    That’s knitting up really nicely! I agree, it will be a smashing Shetland Triangle.

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