Last night I enjoyed a movie* (okay, two**) and finally knit up my beloved Naturwolle Michels.  This time, in color 120: Hawaii.
This resulted in my second pattern.  These patterns are just kind of silly and simple — not any kind of entree into the world of knitwear design.  But I’m taking a bit of an academic break right now … and my energy has to go somewhere.
Thus, the ucipital mapilary cowl:
“Just because there’s no such thing as the “ucipital mapilary” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it warm.  Screenwriter Samson Raphaelson coined the fictional phrase for the 1941 Hitichcock thriller Suspicion.  The actual anatomical term is “suprasternal notch” (fossa jugularis sternalis): the visible dip where the clavicles join the sternum.  Often regarded as a mark of beauty, Johnnie Aysgarth makes it the focus of his hill-top wooing.  Ucipital mapilary or suprasternal notch, Cary Grant can call it whatever he likes.
The flared bottom of this cowl is perfect for keeping your ucipital mapilary warm, cosy, and ready for wooing.”
Find the free .pdf on the pattern(s) page.
* Took itself much more seriously (richies!) and was somehow more incoherent than I remembered.  But I do love some Andrew McCarthy and James Spader.  Mannequin!
** So good and the perfect antidote to an over-ernest high school saga.  But seriously, Haylie Duff?

2 thoughts on “leftovers

  1. So cute! Thanks for posting the pattern.

    Pretty in Pink is awesome. What about that hideous dress she makes?!? 16 Candles is my favorite John Hughes movie — I can pretty much recite the whole thing.

    I never saw Mannequin in the 80s, and some friends made me watch it this summer. I just couldn’t get into it, although it was very funny to see Samantha from Sex and the City.

  2. You are just cranking those patterns out! I love the colors in teeh ucipital mapilary cowl. I’m a sucker for a cowl. Love them.

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