[clever title]

I’m out of clever titles at the moment, so I’ll just share some yarn pr0n.* I finally wound up my Tausendsch√∂n sock yarn, color Ara {ravel it} — and, boy, is it BRITE, which makes me love it even more. I’m flashy at heart. (See this post over at glampyre; it helped me embrace my inner flashy.) Right now, I’m considering the perfect pattern to pair with such eye-searing yarn.
On the other end of the flashy spectrum, exhibit 2: some lovely Rancho multi sock yarn from Araucania, color PY498 {ravel it}. It reminds me of pebbles or quartz or something earthy beachy like that. In a potentially controversial move, I decided to use this yarn for the Interweave Sockalong [blog] {ravel it} and knit some August socks in September. Hence, the Waving Lace lovelies above [interweave] {ravel it}.
So far, the pattern is pretty, simple, and quick to knit. A winner! The scalloped lace cuff was a bit too girly for me (although I wouldn’t hesitate to knit said girly cuff for my sister) but the 1×1 ribbing option was perfect. Rancho multi is a bit on the thicker side of sock weight — I’m using US2/3.00mm circs — and the pattern is very stretchy, so I’m a bit worried about fit. Yarn permitting, I might make the leg slightly longer, allowing the cuff to sit slightly higher on the leg. Still too early to tell.

for scale

Alice is not impressed. She can’t lay on socks.
* The more I think about it, the less I mind the yarn pr0n moniker. This was under discussion a while ago, on Ashley’s blog [with a follow up here] among others. I’m sure it was on Ravelry too, but I can’t be bothered to find the specific thread. My view: play and playfulness need to come back into the debate, not just the super-serious rejection or reclamation of a term usually employed to exploit, objectify, and/or pathologize women and (female) sexuality. Because surely using the term “porn” to describe a photograph of yarn is — to the wider world of (admittedly woefully unenlightened) non-knitters — already kind of silly.