Embossed Leaves in Tausendschön hand-painted sock yarn, color Ara
Waving Lace in Araucania Rancho Multi sock yarn, color PT498

5 thoughts on “mismatched

  1. I love mismatching socks. My pair of Pomatomus are different colors (though similar, I’ll grant). Do you wear these two like that, or just for this photo shoot? Because it would be awesome if you wore those out in public.

  2. … And, I’ve nominated you for a Brilliant Weblog Award! Hope you haven’t already gotten one and I haven’t noticed… or, well, that would be a good thing, because it would mean you’re extra-brilliant.

  3. Yay! Your Embosses Leaves are awesome! I *heart* them in those bright colors. You’re going to love those so much when you have the complete pair. -I’m goofy, I’m so excited over another person’s knit. 😛

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