Single Sock Liberation Fraktion

Because it’s not a movement without a fraktion.

Single Sock Liberation Fraktion, originally uploaded by katie:m.

RAF anyone?  Well, except without the guns and violence and politics.  Much like the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Single Sock Liberation Movement was not an ideological standpoint I thought I’d be subscribing to anytime soon.  But that’s all changed.  With this latest foray into single sockdom, I think I have to admit my revolutionary proclivities.
One Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock [ravel it] in Trekking xxl (color 100) with an afterthought heel and star toe of four points.  And one Masonic Lodge sock [ravel it] in Trekking xxl (color 145) with a short-row reel and star toe of four points.
Because of move-out dates, flight reservations, hotel stays, and apartment disarray, these both turned in to travelling knitting.  The Plain Winter Sock was my last sock completed in Germany; the Masonic Lodge my first back in NJ.  Ah, single sock milestones.

in progress.

1. oops, 2. brazil, 3. anise, 4. koigu mystery sock

Things are still a bit disorganized here; most notably my work schedule.  In the mean time, while I get the academic stuff sorted out and adjust to the new apartment, I’ve been concentrating on curbing the latest startitis epidemic.

With only limited success.  Right now, I’ve got two socks (not matching) and a sweater on the needles.  Not to mention that Shetland Triangle [ravelry] languishing at the bottom of my knitting basket.  Each single sock I prefer to think of as complete within itself.


6 thoughts on “Single Sock Liberation Fraktion

  1. I like both socks a lot and it’s especially appealing that they have their own stories! The toes are cute too, I’ve never tried that style.

    On the mosaic, the Koigu is knitting up much differently than I imagined. I reallyreally like it, it’s the Undulating Rib socks right? If you already said, sorry. 🙂

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