boring sock progress.

The koigu version of the mystery sock didn’t really work out — the yarn was much too busy for the pattern.  So I frogged and started again with some KnitPicks kettle-dyed sock yarn in gold.  I’ve never worked with KnitPicks sock yarn before, but so far, I’m liking the yarn.  And not only because of the price: it’s soft and seems quite sproingy.  If that’s a description.
Anyhoo.  The pattern is shaping up nicely in the new yarn.  Because of my tight knitting troubles and an experiment with US1.5/2.5mm needles, I cast on for the 72-stitch version despite my preference for the 64-stitch cable pattern.  Le sigh.  Unfortunately, I also prefer socks that fit.
In other news, my Anise cardi [ravel it] is blocked and drying.

anise drying

I’m off on a button hunt this afternoon.  Yay for fall and cardigans!


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