just because I didn’t go to Rhinebeck …

… doesn’t mean I don’t get any yarn.

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

In an instance of serendipitous timing, this package arrived on Saturday, as most of the east-coast knit-blogging world was amusing themselves at Rhinebeck.  This is only part of the collection of fibery goodnes residing in my closet in WA — all purchased in one way or another while I was 1) in Germany or 2) in need of storage space.  I have no explanations as to why I bought all of this yarn.  Nevertheless, it is a lovely surprise.  I’m in deep passionate love with each and every skein.

Now, if I can just ward off startitis long enough to finish what’s lingering in my knitting basket.  Got to free up the needles, after all.


3 thoughts on “just because I didn’t go to Rhinebeck …

  1. Hot damn! It’s like you have a fiber festival in your closet. I have a skein of the Vincent’s Apron and I worship it. I’m not yet worthy to knit with it. Gorgeous!

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