Evelyn A. Clark Appreciation Society

I humbly present (yet) another exhibit in support of the EACAS.
pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark [interweave] {ravelry}
yarn: Sheepaints sock’n go (75% new wool, 25% nylon), 420m/100g in turkis with small amount of Regia 4-ply sock in black for edging
needles: US7/4.5mm circs
started: August 15, 2008
finished: October 29, 2008
mods: added two extra repeats of lace pattern
Even with the extra lace repeats, this shawl came out quite petite: its wingspan is 52 inches; from center to tip it measures about 22 inches.  It could have been blocked a bit more aggressively for a slighly bigger result, I assume, but since I was just using pins, I let it stand.  Luckily, I was going for a scarf, more than anything.  And it’s perfect for the cooler weather: warm, but not too heavy.  The yarn was wonderful to knit with; the color is just the right shade of turquoise.

left overs

And I squeezed every last yard out of the skein.
Once I accepted that this would not be a fabulously exciting knit, but rather more contemplative and repetative, I enjoyed working on it.  The repeat is easy to memorize — after a while I only had to occassionally give it my full attention, so that many a useless program was watched.  Good clean knitting fun.
(Apologies for a boring post.  It’s cold and dark here, which has seemed to send my brain into hibernation.)