any guesses?

Seeing that my Socktoberfest plans went bust and I completed zero socks; recognizing that I was in the throws of a very unproductive fit of startitis; acknowledging my rather frazzled nerves and knitting attention span; knowing that I had some awesome B-movies ready for viewing …
… Elizabeth Zimmermann and Noro were really the only answers.  Nothing soothes the fevered knitter’s brow quite like EZ.
This is the genius Pi Shawl [ravel it] in its simplest incarnation: only the yarn-over increases with the yarn doing the decorative work.  This Kureyon (no. 185) was originally intended for this, but as that possibility seemed ever more remote, I salvaged it from the stash.  (Man, did I forget how much yarn I had.)  (It’s kind of embarrassing.)
In other news:


Look at my awesome sock cube from Schrodinger Originals!  It’s adorable and I can’t wait to fill it up with wooly socky goodness.  Which brings me to my next point … I made a (couple) of orders with The Loopy Ewe during the Halloween sale.  Oops.  Let’s just say that my yarn budget is blown well into 2009.  But I’ll have some truly awesome sock yarn to show off soon.

Unless I am consumed by shame and attempt to hide it all in my closet as if this most recent lapse in financial responsibility never occurred.  (As if one can buy anything on a grad student stipend without feeling the doom of impending financial collapse and a lifetime living in one’s parents’ basement looming.)

But looking on the bright side, at least there are some exciting sock knitting opportunities coming up.

p.s. I did notice that the election happened, even sent in my absentee vote on time (I missed my very first presidential election in 2000 because of postal delay to Germany; luckily not the case with NJ), and am pleased with the result.  But, really, let’s just focus on the knitting, as I am much more qualified to speak on that subject without making an utter ass of myself.  (Anymore than it is possible to talk about knitting without seeming somewhat unhinged to the uninitiated.)


3 thoughts on “any guesses?

  1. Hmmm…. with a photo title like “4 teh kitteh,” I’m guessing kitty pi? If so, that’s one lucky kitty! Love all the colors.

  2. I love the shawl – its going to be beautiful. I really want to make this pattern, but couldn’t get past the cast on when I tried it. Love the sock bag!

  3. My dear, never ever be shameful of your stash! It is the fodder to fuel the fires of creativity. Now say that over and over until you have it indelibly burned into your memory!

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