I bound off the Pi Shawl last night while watching “The Black Cat” — an evil genius throwdown not too concerned with making sense.  But full of Awesome.
I used up every last bit of three skeins of Kureyon.  My packrat tendencies paid off, as I had to forrage in the depths of the stash for some Lizard Ridge left-overs to finish the bind-off.  I had only hoped to find the same colorway, but managed to exceed my wildest dreams by finding a bit with the required color sequence.  Kismet!
So now the kitty has a blanket:

pi shawl

And, contrary to usual kitty behavior, she seems to like it.

The Pi Shawl was a perfect project: easy to follow, pleasant to knit, useful and stash-busting.  As you can see, the finish piece is quite small — definitely not a shawl and really only a lap blanket by human standards.  I didn’t worry about blocking out the wrinkles or the rolled edges (no lace edging, just bound off when I was almost out of yarn) — I kind of like the ridges and the rustic look of it as is.

pattern: Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann [ravel it] from Knitter’s Almanac, among other sources

yarn: Noro Kureyon (no. 185), 3 skeins (each 50g/100m)

needles: US10.5/6.5mm circs

started: November 3, 2008

finished: November 5, 2008

After I bound-off, the evening was still comparatively young, so I took another stab at the Socktoberfest mystery sock [here] {ravel it}.  This time, in some Rancho Multi (PT755/Multi Pop) newly arrived as part of my order of financial doomy doom from the Loopy Ewe.

ttl mystery sock v.3

Why two yarn cakes, you ask.  The answer: I have not yet figured out how Araucania knots their skeins.  So an extra snip here and voilà!, two yarn cakes.

We’ll see how this iteration (no. 3) goes … I’m hoping that the combination of ever so slightly thicker Rancho Multi plus US2/2.75mm needles will result in a 64-stitch sock that fits.  Because I just wasn’t liking the look of the 72-stitch cable pattern.

Only time will tell.  Until then, I get to carry the sock around in my nifty cube:
ttl mystery sock v.3

Squirrels!  So much better than my usual Ziploc.


4 thoughts on “finished!

  1. That is PINK. Whoa. This is the third iteration? I don’t remember the second. Lots of luck this time! And great kitty blanket. Wonder if my cats would appreciate one of those… hmmm… (bad idea, my last cat bed attempt is still unfinished and never will be).

  2. I *love* the picture of Alice on her pi blanket. She looks like it was always meant to be hers. And all of the colors, including the pillows nearby, look so happy and comforting.

    The pink sock yarn is really yummy too. Maybe the start and end of the yarn intersect? The Aracaunia that I bought for my hat was winded for me at the store so I’m not sure.

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