a perfect new hat

Not only perfect, but fast!  This one-day wonder, it turns out, is perfect for the chilly-but-not-cold fall weather we’ve been having here in central NJ — and Malabrigo is never wrong.
pattern: Stella’s Hat [here] or {ravel it} by Melissa, the knitting school dropout
yarn: Malabrigo in mineral red (605) about half a skein
needles: US10.5/6.5mm
started: November 7, 2008
finished: November 8, 2008
I used extra-big needles so the finished hat is a bit floppy and a bit loose … but I love it lots.  It’s not nearly as heavy as my favorite winter hat [here], which makes it perfect for fall.  And hopefully Nashville — because that’s where I’ll be next winter.
Sorry about all of the silly (and unintentional) coyness, but I was afraid to jinx my happy news: a new graduate program!  Starting next fall, I will be studying German in Nashville.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.
Until then, I’m just knitting cat blankets.

pi r boz

As soon as my sister heard about my newly-completed Pi r kitty blanket, she requested one for her cat.  Another trip into the stash produced the perfect yarn, a quiet weekend the knitting time.


5 thoughts on “a perfect new hat

  1. The hat looks cozy and so does your Ganomy – I had to go look, I’m not sure if I commented on it before. It reminded me that yours made me want to knit one before.

    And the kitty blanket looks luscious. They deserve special knits.

    My best friend just moved to the Nashville area earlier this year. It seems like a cool area.

  2. I could use some chilly-but-not-cold weather. I miss summer so badly. Great hat! I think that pattern is in my queue, so I hope you it was not a bad pattern to follow or anything like that.

    Congratulations on the new program! Sounds really exciting. =)

  3. Lovely knits. The Malabrigo hat looks so cozy. Too bad it’s so hard to find Malabrigo here in Europe. I’d love to try it. And congrats on the program. It sounds interesting. You really should try out some of the German knitting patterns 🙂

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